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Technology:   One-Piece structure high technology ice hockey stick.
Material: 100% imported Toray Carbon
Carbon wove : UD, 3K,12k,18K
Size: Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Youth. Mini , Goalie or according with the client's requirment
Weight:  410g, 430g, 450g, 470g, 490g, 510g or according to the client's  requirement. ( Usually +/- 10% tolerance)

Flex :40/50/70/80/90/100/110
Blade model:P92 backstrom, P02 Kronwall, P91A Staal, P88 Kane, PM9 Stamkos,
P3 Hall, P7 Iginla
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Contact: Camby Huang

Phone: +86 13850005537

Tel: +86 592 8061530

Email: bike@xmapexsport.com

Add: No. 60, Baihuyan Road, Jimei District

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